Easter Egg Locations

The Easter Eggs are necessary for you to unlock the Easter Bunny gene. To unlock the gene during non-easter promotion times, you will have to visit the gene pool and “unlock” the Easter bunny quest. After which you will be able to start hunting for the Pixel People Easter eggs.

Easter Egg Locations Cheat Sheet

To help you locate each of the Easter eggs easier and faster. We have provided a few images to help you.

Pixel People Easter Egg Buildings

Easter Eggs Inside Buildings
Easter Egg 1. Park Building
Easter Egg 2: Fire Station
Easter Egg 3: Museum

Sheriff’s Office
Easter Egg 4. First Developer Card
Easter Egg 5. Second Developer Card [Producer]
Easter Egg 6. Last Developer Card Easter

Pixel People Easter Egg Sheriff 1Pixel People Easter Egg Sheriff 2

With Jobs
You can access the jobs screen or profession list by tapping the blue on top of the game.

Easter Egg 4: Mayor
Easter Egg 5: Deputy
Easter Egg 6: Farmer

Pixel People Easter Egg Jobs

Final Easter Egg Completion Screen
After you have collected all the Easter Eggs, you will have the completion menu. Tap “Complete” to receive the Easter Bunny Gene!

Pixel People Easter Egg Quest Menu


Easter Egg Locations — 4 Comments

  1. Well think your note don’t speak about a bug. Unlock once, collect all easter but swipe on an other app during the collect. Back on the game all is diseapered. I’ve just loose 50 utopium and this fucking gene still lock

    Any idea ?
    Kinds regards from a french player

  2. Hi, the easter egg mission has just unlocked but the easter eggs aren’t where they are supposed to be…. Not in any of the buildings or character profiles that everyone says they’re in. It’s a little bit frustrating, it finally being unlocked at the right time of year and now the things I need to unlock the gene aren’t where they’re supposed to be.

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