Golden Hearts

Golden Hearts is important for you to finish up your animal gallery faster. This can in turn help you complete the various quests when you have the missing animals.

The key to obtain golden heart is to press the “heart” when you have a couple inside your buildings that can be used to make another. You can check out our Job Profession List to get a handle on all the combinations. Place your little people accordingly.

How to Get Golden Hearts
Take advantage of the hotel system. You can send your pixel people to vacation, and “reserve” the spots for when they return to the houses. This way you can set the people up for you to receive more golden hearts.

(When 6-people building have only 1 Golden couple)
Once in a while the heart may land on a couple that is not your golden couple. When this happens, close the building screen to see if the heart can rotate and grant you the golden heart.

Effect of Golden Heart “Surprise Gifts”
The numbers and ratio of Golden Hearts inside your heart bar will increase the chance of getting a missing animal in your animal inventory. By having a whole bar of golden hearts, you will have 100% chance of getting an animal that you are currently missing.

Effect of Heart Research
The Heart Research is neutral. However, you will be able to complete your heart animal discovery much faster. Always spend your spare utopiums toward heart research if you can.


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