Legit Cheat

This hint is mentioned for those of who that want to play “legit” without hacking. This method is current as of version 1.40.

To be able to expand really fast in the future without the worry of being banned, playing legit is the best way to go. To make it work, we recommend to start the game by purchasing or sign up with plenty of offers to get at least 1000 utopians.

Your goal is to “NOT” level up at all cost. As leveling up will increase the various cost of your game.

Build Astro Church (Astro church let you buy land without leveling up)
Build Bank (Double your fully staffed buildings)
Build City Square (Great source of income when fully staffed)
Build Building Firm (Let you duplicate buildings)
Build Casino (Slot machine for goodies) The casino requires only 500k coins per spin at level 1.
Build a couple of City Squares, fully staff them.
Collect coins and play slots all day.

Use the utopians that you earn to upgrade the buildings and pay more land via Astro Church.
Rinse and repeat until you have handful of City Squares.

After you have roughly 20~30 fully staffed City Squares. You should earn plenty of free houses, animals, and tons of utopian to keep you going for all the future updates. Below are some screen shots for this strategy used.

Pixel People Free DecorationsPixel People Free TreesPixel People Level 1 CheatPixel People Space SprawlPixel People City Squares

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