Pixel People Achievements List

After you have unlocked the police station from splicing the police officer. You can check out our complete Pixel People job guide for the information. You will be able to access the Pixel People achievement list page. With the achievements, you will be able to earn some free utopiums by completing certain tasks. Below we have listed them out to help you tackle the different tasks.

We will also group them into easy to view categories to help you determine the best achievements for you to complete. If you have found this guide useful, please check out our other easy to read mobile gaming guides.

Job Discovery Achievements
Founding Fathers
Discovered all jobs on the Mayor’s page.
Reward: 1 utopium

Pilot Project
Complete Page 2 in the gallery.
Reward: 1 utopium

Model Citizens
Complete page 3 in the gallery.
Reward: 1 utopium

Fishy Business
Complete page 4 in the gallery
Reward: 1 utopium

Super Splicing
Complete page 5 in the gallery
Reward: 1 utopium

From Clones to Clowns
Complete page 6 in the gallery
Reward: 1 utopium

In Too Deep
Complete page 7 in the gallery
Reward: 1 utopium

Complete page 8 in the gallery
Reward: 1 utopium

Animal Rescue Achievements
Search and Rescue
Rescue all tier 1 animals (cyan)
Reward: 1 utopium

Stable Environment
Rescue all tier 2 animals (yellow)
Reward: 2 utopium

Animal Farm
Rescue all tier 3 animals (green)
Reward: 3 utopium

Endangered Species
Rescue all tier 4 animals (Maroon)
Reward: 5 utopium

Decoration Purchase Achievements
Build 5 decorations
Reward: 1 utopium

Extreme Makeover
Build 30 decorations
Reward: 3 utopium

Hitch Hiker
Built 5 roads
Reward: N/A

Settler of Utopia
Built 50 roads

Make a Splash
Built 5 waterways
Reward: N/A

Water Wonderful World
Built 50 Waterways
Reward: 1 utopium

One Small Step
Built 1 Tree
Reward: N/A

One Giant Leap
Build 30 trees
5 utopium

Misc Building Achievements
Don’t Panic
Deleted a Building
Reward: N/A

Mover and Shaker
Moved a Building
Reward: 1 utopium

Filled a 6-slot building with workers
Reward: 3 utopium

Warp Speed
Changed the background at the observatory.
Reward: 1 utopium

Social Achievements
Social Experiment
Shared a formula on Facebook.
Reward: 1 utopium

Social Butterfly
Shared 10 Formulae
Reward: 3 utopium

Upgrade Achievements
Upgraded a building
Reward: 1 utopium

Mass Production
Perform 50 upgrades
Reward: 10 utopium

Mining Achievements
Miner Progress
Found Utopium in the mine.
Reward: N/A

Major Miner
Conduct 20 mining operations
Reward: 3 utopium

Other Achievements
Ignorance is Bliss
Turned off the news feed.
Reward: 1 utopium

Bounty Hunter
Visited the Credits. The credits can be viewed via the Sheriff’s Office.
Reward: N/A

Medal Head
Visited the achievements
Reward: 1 utopium

Game Theory
Hung out at the business center for 10 seconds
Reward: 1 utopium

Long term planning
Tapped on the IAP button at the Enterprise.
Reward: 1 utopium

Quick Surprises Achievements
Get a quick surprise at the gene pool.
Reward: 1 utopium

Just Playin’ Cupid
Get 100 Quick Surprises from the gene pool.
Reward: 10 utopium

Research Upgrades Achievements
Love Bug
Performed an upgrade at the research lab
Reward: 1 utopium

All My Lovin’
Fill all possible hearts at the research lab
Reward: 10 utopium

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