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Pixel People is an awesome game that let you rebuild society from scratch. With so many job professions and buildings to be built, it is hard to determine the best path to achieve your goals. Although there are many ways to get to the end game, in this complete Pixel People walkthrough, we will guide you through the basics so that you have a strong foundation to be able to reach the end game without any issue. Hope that our hints and tips for Pixel People can help you through the game with ease! Please note although this guide is pretty basic, we will leave out information on some of the basic functions because you can really learn through from the game. The main focus of this guide is to help you build your future city the correct way that you can continue to advance fast throughout the entire process.

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Building Out Your Residential
Controlling your land and population is the first and most important task. The best building for your residential use in the first part of the game is the basic Rocky Mansions. Rocky Mansions have the same land to population ratio as the other two beginner buildings, but they cost less and build faster. However, switch your focus and future residential buildings toward Shiny Tower towards mid and late game. The Shiny Tower has a great population to land ratio. However, because currently you cannot delete your buildings, only build enough lower leveled residential until you can start purchasing the utopium premium residences.

Get Your Free Utopiums
Gamelytic has written a complete guide to help you understand all the ways to obtain utopiums in the game. In the guide linked we also discuss all the best ways for you to use those hard earned utopiums. To summarize the ways that you can collect utopiums:

1. Utopium Mine Collection
2. Quick Surprise Heart Collection
3. Police Station Achievement Collection via Achievements
4. Free Utopium Tree Collection
5. Utopium from “Most Wanted List” (Credits)
6. Land Expansions and Free Utopium
7. Pay for Utopium

Use Your Utopiums Wisely
As a continuation of the previous tip strategy, after getting your utopiums, you will need to use them wisely. The good ways include the following:

1. Research Lab Upgrade
2. Purchase and Build Premium Residence (Shiny Tower Only)
3. Purchase Premium Decorations

Build Your Bank as soon as Possible
Banks allow your fully occupied buildings to produce double the coins. Having banks earlier on can really boost your coin production rate. You can check out our Pixel People job profession formulas to help you get all the right combinations. You can get the secretary via combining Mayor and Deputy. With your buildings all fully occupied, the addition of banks is a super powerful way to boost your income in Pixel People.

Withhold Your Land Expansions
In Pixel People, you “level up” every time you do land expansions. This means that the time that it takes to build anything will grow in the amount of time needed. Thus, always withhold your land expansions until you absolutely need to. By expanding too fast too early, you will end up wasting more time waiting for buildings to finish. To summarize the effects of leveling up in Pixel People by Expanding:

1. Increased production building construction time
2. Increased waiting time for blank clone arrival
3. Increased cost to purchase hearts refills via the Gene Pool

Build the Building Firm (Real Estate Office) as soon as you get Salesman Gene
This may come a little late as you do not get the Salesman special gene until later. You will unlock the “delete” function for your Pixel People buildings. Without the building firm you cannot delete the buildings in the game or get rid of them. In addition to the ability to remove buildings, you can also duplicate buildings. Duplicate buildings is extremely important at later stages to help you earn more coins. Because you want to have more coin generating buildings to help you advance even faster!

Best Buildings to Have
Below are some of the best buildings to make and duplicate in Pixel People. You can check and sort through our Pixel People building list to see if there are others that suit your game play more. In general, you want buildings that generate a ton of coins faster or last a long time. Another factor that you should take into consideration is the number of Pixel people staff that you need for each of the buildings. After going through all of the buildings available in the game

Forensic Lab: Forensic lab can be built pretty earlier on in the game after you obtain the Dreamer’s gene. This is a powerful building because of its long work time, low land cost, and low staffing cost. By having a couple of this and take a break, your coin reserve would be in the millions. We would recommend build a couple of these after you obtain the building firm. Each Forensic Lab can generate up to 259200 coins for the entire 2 hour run of revenue.

City Square: The City Square is one of the best coin production building in the game. With full staff and bank boost, it makes a whopping 208 coins per second. Now although it takes up to 4 pieces of land, the staffing cost goes down big per slots of land. The only downfall of the building is that this is a 5 minute working time collection. In addition, you will have to unlock quite a bit of other professions to fully staff the City Square. Nevertheless, if you collect from the City Square nonstop, you can make close to 750k coins. Nothing in the game can beat it.

Stadium: Like the Forensic lab, the Stadium has a long working time which makes it an attractive long term coin production building. The only downfall is that it is quite costly in terms of land cost. Which makes the coin earning per land rate pretty low. But with the long term collection, the Pixel People stadium makes it to our the best top building list.

Tavern and Hero Mansion (Late Stage End Game): These are pretty much your end game buildings after you have unlocked most of the important professions. They are attractive buildings that offer the best coin generation. However, their downfall is that they are also 5 minute working time with 5 staffs required. In most cases we would rather go for the City Square for their low relative staffing / land cost.

Gene Pool Refills Early On
The Gene pools help you refill your hearts instantly for the quick surprise rewards. Gene Pool is a very powerful building at lower level, you can use it to pretty much obtain all the utopiums that you need in the game. If you are doing really good and focus on the income producing buildings, you can withhold expanding altogether. Do gene pool refills to get all of your utopium needs. Upgrade your research lab with the earned utopiums to the max, then continue with your normal game play. You will realize that this cheat method will help you unlock the final animal collection easier.

At level 10, you should actually stop expanding all together. Spend a couple of days to improve your economy. This means gradually replace all of your residential buildings with Shiny Towers. Fully staff all of your existing buildings to generate more coins. After you have done the economy upgrade, you can do the final push to obtain all the job professions. Alternate the coin collection process with quick Gene pool refills to get all the hearts.

Thoughts on the Use of Decorations
We personally do not like decoration all that much simply because they can cost quite a bit of land to be effective. Our view is that you either do not use any decoration, or go all the way and put many. The free coin bought decorations simply offer too little spirit to be effective. In short, do not go for decorations until way late game where expansions can cost you 5 millions or more. You should aim for utopium premium decorations after you have done your research lab utopium and economy upgrade after level 10 as mentioned in the above section. With the boost and time deduction, you will be able to finish constructing the rest of your Pixel people buildings without having to wait forever for the arrival times.

End Game Achievements
Pixel People is a pretty sand box game that requires no rules nor path of advancements. However, one way to really accomplish in the game is to complete all the achievements. The hardest achievement to obtain is the rare animal collection via hearts collections in surprise gifts. By following our tips and cheats in this walkthrough, you should be on a good shape to complete everything! Good luck!

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