Utopium Guide

Pixel People utopium is the premium currency at which you can pay money to purchase. However, Pixel People is quite generous in rewarding players with utopium through different parts of game play. In this guide, we will go over everything that you need to know about using and getting those free utopiums throughout the game. Please let us know if we have missed anything!

Obtaining Free Utopium

There are a 6 ways to get free Utopium in Pixel People without paying up. We’re going to show you how to get said free Utopium, but please keep in mind that there is a cap of 25 free Utopium per day! If your trees or heart bonuses stop paying out, this could be why.

Utopium Mine Collection
You can collect 1~2 free utopium from your utopium mine which is a start building.

Quick Surprise Heart Collection
Your utopiua residences will sometimes have the heart hovering the different residences. Collect from them and you have a chance of obtaining free utopium in Pixel People. The prizes can differ from animal collections, coins, and up to 5 free utopiums rewarded. By default you need 11 hearts and research lab can reduce the amount needed.

Police Station Achievement Collection
You can earn various amount of utopium by completing the Pixel People achievements.

Free Utopium Tree Collection
The trees in Pixel People let you collect up to 25 free utopiums per day. The trees may also give you coins bonus of 10, 100, or even 100 coins. We recommend to build roughly 5~8 trees to cover the collections. The 25 free daily utopium cap is a nice addition to have on a daily basis. However, the coin gain becomes almost irrelevant at later stages.

Utopium from “Most Wanted List” (Credits)
By going through the different profiles on the credits, you can find one person with a single free utopium on the upper left of the profile. We have found ours on the second page.

Land Expansions and Free Utopium
Every time you expand in Pixel People youwillearn some free utopium to go with it. You can make 1 utopium for expansions below level 1 and 2 utopiums after level 10.

Pay for Utopium
If you really like the game you can always purchase the utopiuam from IAP to support the developers. Only do so if you have the resources.

Using and Investing Your Utopiums

With so many ways to use your utopiums, you will need good strategy to make the best use of them. Below are some general tips.

Use your utopiums to do the following:

Research Lab
Upgrade your research at the research lab will boost your quick surprise heart collection speed. This in turn will generate more free utopiums for you. Focus on this as soon as you have the research lab unlocked. You will also need low utopium requirement to unlock and rescue the different animals if you wish to complete the achievements page.

Purchase and Build Premium Residence
At the time of writing the best residence to purchase is the Shiny Tower. This residence building offers a ratio of 1 land to 6 people. If you are always low on land, consider purchasing a couple of these buildings to relieve you of your population needs.

Premium Decorations
Decorations boost your town’s spirit level which reduces expansion cost and various timers.

Building Upgrades – Optional
In our opinion these upgrades are really optional and is on the end of our utopium use list. Once you have built a Tech Support you can upgrade the buildings. All it does is to increase the amount of “work time”. It does not increase your coin generation rate.

Workplace Hints. Simply use the Pixel People job guides that you can find online for the information.
Speed ups. Take your time and go have a coffee to take a break. You will end up spending more time trying to get those free utopium back.
Expansions from Law firm and Astro Church: The expansion is best bought with coins. You will find yourself loaded with unneeded coins at the end of the game. You will wish that you have invested those utopium wisely instead.

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